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Stock margin offset

Many shops using vidaXL as dropshipping supplier. So, if the stock is low (e.g. 1) there is a chance that by the time I want to fulfill the order with vidaXL that item is already sold out. So, it will be nice if I can choose to have a stock margin offset in your app so that we do not end up in this situation. For example, if I set the stock margin to 10 then the reported inventory stock will be less by 10. That is, if there are 11 items available in vidaXL warehouse, then I will see 1 available only. Currently, I am achieving this by having code in multiple places in my store, and still it is not perfect. If it was part of your app, then the results would have been perfect and I would not need to add and maintain code in multiple place. I think this will be an easy-to-implement, yet important feature.

An Anonymous User 3 months ago

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